I love this recipe for lemon curd.  It could be called: Lemon Dream.

So, I needed to make a special birthday cake today — special, bcz it was for a dear friend whose husband’s been hospitalized and he wanted to treat his wife to a special birthday dinner.  He mentioned to Wes that she likes lemon… So, that was that!  I knew I needed to find a recipe for a sunny-bright-cheery cake.  Lemon was the easy part.  Then I remembered seeing a lemon cake in my new book  — but did I have all the ingredients? No.

As an aside, I think it’s going to take quite a bit of planning to prepare each of the recipes in this book — Rose’s Heavenly Cakes — bcz I do not keep many of the unique ingredients some of the recipes call for — take Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec.  Now, many of you know that I am a recovering Internet addict — I sure don’t want to become an addict of something else for which I’ll require recovery!! 😉

So, the lemon curd — lemon dream:

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It was simple to make — the sugar was just sweet enough and the lemon juice gave just the perfect tartness and the technique of pouring the thickened, hot lemon curd through the strainer holding the grated lemon zest — producing a delicious – zesty – lemon curd for the cake filling.  I place the finished lemon curd in a bowl in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours.

I then proceeded to prepare the cake — knowing that I needed to make the lemon curd first to allow enough time for this delicious lemon-dream filling to cool.

♥ love.