Sometimes I feel like I need to introduce myself something like, Hello, my name is pamela, I’m an internet addict. Or, Hello, my name is pamela, I’m a cake cookbook junkie — okay, let’s be honest, I’m an internet addict and a cookbook junkie! I love perusing all the cookbooks on my own shelves. But then that addiction could quickly be narrowed down to CAKE cookbooks — especially CAKE cookbooks with personality!

It seems like each one has a particularly marvelous recipe or style of cake that makes the whole cookbook worthwhile! Or, worth owning. 😉 I’m pleased to have lots of them — cake cookbooks and marvelous recipes!

I kinda feel sorry for the authors of earlier editions of printed cookbooks with few(er) photos — well, sincerely, fewer excellent photos! I don’t know if the newer recipes are truly all that much better than the older ones, but the newer editions sure look much better.

I wonder what we’ll think in twenty years! 🙂

Among the more recent cake cookbooks I’ve bought, Magnolia Kitchen by Bernadette Gee has to be my favourite! Seriously, a hands-down favourite. I have gone through nearly the whole book with a yellow highlighter highlighting her incredibly detailed instructions and techniques for frosting cakes or making some of the more difficult or tricky recipes.

I’m gonna just have to tell you right now… if you’re put off by coarse language either you’ll avoid the book or you’ll read it and feel like ‘Bets’ is your new best friend and you’ll overlook some of the quirks (and find her incredibly raw style endearing) bcz having her for a friend would be totally worth it.