This was such a fun wedding “cake” to make! It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since this beautiful wedding and the “Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake” for all the guests to enjoy!

I made so many cinnamon rolls–far more than are pictured here in this ‘cake’ picture. I baked all the rolls in cake pans so they’d have the appearance of round cakes. I make the rolls, filling them and placing them in the round pans, and frosted each ‘tier’ and stacked them with dividers — drizzling frosting down the sides for a pretty cake!

I made a several batches of rolls so there would be plenty of cinnamon rolls for all the guests. Per request, I made a few batches of cinnamon-raisin rolls. I hope I have another opportunity to make a Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake in the future as it sure was fun and the guests were delighted. 🙂