Cakepops for the year’s end celebration of a ‘job well done’ for the Awana Sparks kids.
Vanilla cakepops, White melties, sprinkles!

My husband made this cakepop board/stand for me several years ago — what a lifesaver it’s been!! The holes he drilled can accommodate both cakepop sticks and cookie sticks.

{Note: if you make a cakepop stand, be sure to
*not* drill the holes all the way through the board!}

I made these cakepops for each of the Sparkies so that they’d have something special in their gift/award bags. Not all the children will receive an award each year, but they all receive a certificate and a little gift from me for the hard work and whatever other unique contribution they may have made through the year. I want each of them to know I appreciate and enjoy seeing them each week!