Birthday Cakes


Birthdays are wonderful occasions to encourage
and inspire the one being celebrated…
a special cake adds to the joy of the day!

I’ll share the recipes for these different cakes
on the “cakes, fillings and frostings” page
so that you might be inspired to make
one of these cakes for your next celebration.

Occasionally I will post photos of  cakes prepared by my daughter, Kathryn.  She’s quite an accomplished cook and baker and makes the most beautiful meals and desserts.  I think you’ll like her ideas!!





I really enjoyed making this next cake!  A Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and French Buttercream frosting under white fondant covering the cake and blue fondant decorated & covering the cap.  The ball is solid fondant — as is the ‘bill’ and button of the cap.  The lettering on the cake and the stitching on the ball is red buttercream frosting.

A special “baseball theme” Birthday Cake for a ten year old
The baseball cap is 9 inches in diameter... and the ball is pretty much to scale.
The baseball cap is 9 inches in diameter…and the ball is pretty much to scale.

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