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Cuppy Cakes & Cake Pops


Hello Cuppy Cake!!
I’ll share a few “Cuppy Cake” ideas, recipes and photos from time to time that have worked really well for me.  Cupcakes are fabulous when Wedding Cake (or other celebration cakes) aren’t just right –or– where CakePops would be too labour/time intensive to make.

I’d like to share with you also some different helpful videos and links to be of great benefit to you (and me, too). ♥

What will you need for baking cakes and cupcakes?  Take a look!


Cakepops are not only delicious to eat, they’re also a lot of fun to make!  It may have seemed like a fad or just a passing “Cakepop craze” when they first came on the scene, but now Cakepops are evolving into a pretty fancy party and wedding menu item.

Not simply formed and dipped any longer, all sorts of styles and shapes are finding their way into the Cakepop scene!!


I’m including this photo bcz I really wanted to emphasize a real need when making Cakpops in volume!  Space!  You’ll need space both for the creating and for the dipping and setting stages.  I tried, early on, to stand the Cakepops in mugs… but invariably, they’ll lean on each other and you’ll have sticking spots.  Then I attempted to use styrofoam and that proved to be a problem, too — but the solution to that was to use a denser foam of a thicker depth.  Still not satisfied with those earlier and inferior situations, I asked my husband to make me a Cakepop stand out of a long board.  What you see pictured above is what he made for me — the perfect solution to my previous troubles!  It’s a 5 foot long board with holes drilled into the board — about three-fourths to one half inch deep.   The holes are about three inches apart down the long side and about an inch or so apart — the width of the board.  The center holes are drilled straight down and the holes on either side are drilled at a slight angle.  this way, the Cakepops can be handled without touching the other Cakepops as you continue to make your way through the dipping and setting process.


…more later ♥

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