I cannot say this often enough… and so I want to begin this series of letters in my ABellaCake journey by reiterating that I’m so grateful to the Lord for the great blessing of His love and for the opportunity of my life — and I’m so grateful to and for my husband and family.   They are so dear to me.  I hope they’ll always look back and remember the sweet things — that I loved them.  O, yes, there have been many hard days — and, I’m sorry to say, my distractions and misguided meanderings have sure had things out of balance sometimes.  Even still, I wouldn’t change a thing for the joy I have today.  I’ve been so blessed to be a wife and mother — so blessed by each one of them.

That said, they are my inspiration.   More also comes from the love and support I receive from my husband… who has been my ‘cheerleader’ whenever I say I’d like to do something, try something or learn a new skill.

And then… aside from years of admiring cakes as well as working in my own kitchen trying new recipes, making different types of cakes, frostings and fillings, I love to delight people with a new taste or some creation.  Imagine:  you take a bag of flour, some butter, eggs, sugar and a few other ingredients and they magically turn into a delectable dessert!!  Amazing, isn’t it?!?!

I’d be remiss if I began this new blog-journey without acknowledging these things… and, of course, I must mention two books that have been both instructional and inspirational to me… The Cake Bible and Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.   I intend to bake my way through these books on my quest to bake the perfect cake.

♥ love.