mousellinebuttercreambowlMaking wedding cakes is probably one of my very most favourite things to do—I know, I know, ‘

very most favourite’ is probably a grammatically incorrect way to have written that, but it’s true, it’s one of my very most favourite things to do — and I have also loved homeschooling our eleven children, too.

Being part of one the most sacred, special and memorable days of a couple’s life together–and certainly in the life of a bride who’s likely dreamed every sort of dream regarding weddings, dresses, flowers, decorations… and cakes.

So cakes.  It’s humbling to be asked to make the wedding cake — well, for me it is, anyway.  And you kn

ow why?  Because I’m not a professional–I’m not an expert.  And I’ve made mistakes.  Lots of them.  Sometimes on the wedding day, sometimes at the venue, sometimes in the cutting and sometimes in the amount of butter in buttercream frosting.  For a July wedding.

I still have nightmares about a couple of cakes.  Another nightmare about a fondant cake — my first, using premade, packaged fondant (I’ve made my own since then).   I’m sure that first try was not tasty. But it was a sincere effort.  The melting buttercream one, too.  But on a wedding day, there’s no room for mistakes, no room for blunders and no time for more time to get it right.

Still I love the opportunity.  And the adrenaline rush, apparently, because I so look forward to the next cake.  I hope it’s the best yet.