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A Bella Cake Home takes the cake!

dipped cookies







A super simple “cookie-pop!”  Just get some Oreo’s, cookie sticks and a pound of Melties (or almond bark).  Using a mini-crock, warm the melties or almond bark, stir until completely melted and smooth.  Dip the tip of a stick into the melted bark/melties and *gently!* and *slowly!* push the stick into the side of the Oreo cookie, set aside and repeat with many cookies, setting aside after you insert the sticks.  Then prepare to begin the cookie dipping (make sure you have a cup or a styrofoam board or  a mug to stand the dipped cookies in – in order for them to completely harden/set undisturbed0.  Plunge the cookie into the melties and remove quickly, gently (!!!!) tapping off the excess chocolate (or vanilla almond bark).  Just tap against your opposite index finger, not the side of the pot or cup—you want to go pretty easy with the tapping so you don’t knock the cookie off the stick.  At this point, you can sprinkle the dipped cookie with coloured sugar sprinkles or just leave them plain and stand the cookie pop in a mug or cup or poke the stick into a styrofoam board.  They’ll set or harden relatively quickly.  You can just keep moving on through however many cookie pops you’ve planned to dip.  Enjoy! ♥

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