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Winter 2018 in Cake

Cake! Cake! Wonderful Cake! Winter-Wonderland Cake for a Bridal Shower Filled White Cake, Buttercream Frosting, White Chocolate piping, Royal Icing Snowflakes, Vanilla CakePop snowballs This cake was made for a gathering of influential men for a young man’s birthday. Grace’s Birthday Celebration Cake Her mother created a beautiful party and celebration for her birthday. White …

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Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake

anauctioncakeThe Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake is probably one of my favourite cakes to make.  It’s also the most tedious and most exasperating cake to make, too!  But, it’s worth it!  Isn’t that the case with most delightful things or experiences?  Such things often take time, effort, patience, expense, and attention to detail!

For this cake,  there are no superfluous steps — and the recipe must be read very carefully and the components ordered for plenty of time in advance – in fact, it’s probably best to make this cake a day in advance (except for the final topping with fresh fruit.

Leave out one component, and you’ll probably still have a delicious cake but you won’t have the “Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake!”

This is the Epicurious recipe — I try to follow it *pretty closely when I make it.  I do use Hershey’s chocolate chips for the *semi-sweet chocolate when called for in the recipe .  Otherwise, the cost is too exorbitant to make the cake.  Pfeil & Holing Transfer sheets, Amazon.