And we surely do give thanks this year — as we do every year — for the great and lavish goodness and love of the Lord!  How merciful He has been with us this year! How gracious He has been! How present and abiding!  How tender and kind He is and has been!  For all of these things and more, We give thanks unto the Lord of Lords for His mercy endures forever.

As you have noticed, I’ve not been able to spend time writing entries and haven’t been able post photos of the cakes and other desserts I’ve made over the last several months.  I’m not sure why the photo-uploading software is not working properly — but when I figure this out, I have some sweet new photos to share… and when I have time for a cup of tea with you, I’ll share some of this year’s baking highlights.

God bless you and your home… more and more.  Happiest Thanksgiving!

with love, ♥ pamela