When you think cake: well, most of the time, you think, Yum!  And then you think, a party! or a celebration! or a commemoration of something good — something big!

When new friends came over for dinner last night, I was sure glad I’d made a cake.  I made it bcz it’s my husband’s favourite cake and so, I wanted to serve it for dessert as a blessing to him (and to share with the new friends, of course).  Well, I now have a new reason to be ready with cake!

We’d been talking in our living room, sharing pictures of our family and stories of days gone by.  They saw a picture of us that caught their eye… it was a picture on the railroad track where there’s a 37.4 mile marker post in the foreground.  We commented that we were married that long in the picture.  Our friend said, that’s us today! Thirty seven years!
What?!?  Today? Today’s your anniversary?? Yes, they said.  Well, how ’bout that! When my husband invited the friend, and he accepted the invitation to come over, he didn’t mention it was a special occasion for them.  But from that moment and for the rest of the evening, we made it a celebration here!  It reminded me that a party without cake is just a meeting!   How thankful I am this morning… looking back on last evening’s special time.  And, I’m so glad I’d made cake!  It was a good time for cake! 🙂 ♥