my journey to bake the perfect cake

Special Occasion Cakes


This cake was made for
a 25th Wedding Anniversary
celebration… it was a rich, carrot cake with sweet cream-cheese filling, buttercream frosting covered with fondant.
The “forget-me-not” flowers are made
of fondant, too.   It was so fun to make!!

And around our home, a “Half Birthday” is a wonderful reason to celebrate!!  We sing the Halfy-Birthday song and regale the special child with lots of singing and hugging and kissing — and eating Half-Birthday cake!


This PolkaDot Cake was made in honour of a dear friend, in celebration of her birthday!


I used buttercream on the cake and then covered the cake with Vanilla Fondant and sprinkled the top with “Luster-dust” to give it a sheen.  I make roses and leaves out of gumpaste which I painted with some sparkle dust.  After colouring some remaining fondant coral, I cut out the dots and 2 bands using different sizes of  pastry cutters.  And attached them with vanilla/water.  The little pearls are piped on the cake to finish it.

a rich, delicious chocolate cake with ganache and fudge frosting
a rich, delicious chocolate cake with ganache and fudge frosting

This cake is a slice of a “Triple Chocolate Celebration Cake” — It’s a Bon Apetít recipe and is quite an involved recipe.  But it’s sure worth the time it takes and you’ll know that by all the raves it receives each time it’s
made and served!  It can be prepared for just about any occasion
any time of year — the best, though, is summertime when assorted fresh berries are readily available — for the top of the cake.

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