Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake


This was such a fun wedding “cake” to make! It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since this beautiful wedding and the “Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake” for all the guests to enjoy!

I made so many cinnamon rolls–far more than are pictured here in this ‘cake’ picture. I baked all the rolls in cake pans so they’d have the appearance of round cakes. I make the rolls, filling them and placing them in the round pans, and frosted each ‘tier’ and stacked them with dividers — drizzling frosting down the sides for a pretty cake!

I made a several batches of rolls so there would be plenty of cinnamon rolls for all the guests. Per request, I made a few batches of cinnamon-raisin rolls. I hope I have another opportunity to make a Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake in the future as it sure was fun and the guests were delighted. 🙂

Adobe Rose Dream Cake

I was so honoured to be asked to make our nephew’s wedding cake!
I loved the week in southern california leading up to the wedding… all the family gatherings and all the wedding preparations going on while I was baking the cakes, filling and frosting, and making all the flowers I placed on the finished cake.

My sister-in-law blessed me so much as she had gathered equipment from friends for me to use in the cake preparation! I had brought many supplies and tools with me so that I could make the cakes, etc., –especially all the gumpaste roses, peonies and leaves for the cake.
My sister-in-law has a dream kitchen, by the way, and made especially more so with all the sunshine and family gathered there for the big event!

The wedding was held at the beautiful El Adobe de Capistrano  in San Juan Capistrano.
What a terrifically beautiful wedding venue it is — and the dinner was absolutely delicious!
The evening was thoroughly California dreamin’ to me!!
Thus, the reason I call this cake, the Adobe Rose Dream Cake.

Home again… I opened my suitcases…
TSA love notes…. happens every time. 🙂

Winter Wonderland Cake

You can make a “Winter Wonderland” cake for a variety of occasions — a bridal shower, wedding, birthday or any other wintertime event.  Soft lighting, soft greens and sparkles will make any occasion beautiful!!

Make cakes (easily done in advance;  wrapped and frozen), then on the day of, or day before the event, fill with tasty filling and frost with white buttercream frosting.

From there, you can pipe snowballs, white flowers, pearls or whatever and then add clear sparkly sprinkles, white sprinkles or other various piping around the cake to look like snowy swirls or snowballs. Cakepops work well for snowballs!

For my most recent cake, I made a batch of white cakepops (without sticks) and put them around the cake as snowballs. I made snowflakes out of royal icing and after they had thoroughly set (24 hours), I put them on the cake and around the sides.

♥ Royal Icing for making Snowflakes

4 Tablespoons Meringue Powder
16 ounces Confectioner’s Powdered  Sugar
6 – 8 Tablespoons Warm Water

Beat all ingredients until stiff peaks form, adding water a tablespoon at a time until you get the smooth whipped consistency.

Be sure your bowl and utensils are completely grease-free — if not, the icing will not whip up properly.

To make Snowflakes, draw or trace snowflakes on a sheet of parchment paper. Turn parchment over BEFORE you pipe the royal icing on the lines you’ve traced!!!

These Snowflake Cutters from Amazon are very beautiful — not only for making outlines for this application, but also beautiful cookies, white chocolate cut-outs, other craft projects, etc.
I have this Snowflake set for fondant and cookie cutouts.

  • Make Royal Icing.
  • Fit a piping bag with a round tip and fill with the Royal Icing.
  • *Remember to turn the parchment over after tracing the snowflakes or you will have the snowflake stencil/pencil print on the underside of the royal icing snowflake!
    {trust me! 😉 }

  • Using your round tip/piping bag, begin making your snowflakes by following the outlines from your snowflake cookie cutters.  Or you can make a variety of sizes of snowflakes by piping six sided crosses with ‘arrows’ on each line.

Leave the snowflakes to set up *undisturbed* for a full day. And, be sure to make plenty of snowflakes for your cake project — in other words, make extra to make up for the inevitable breakage!

The snowflakes will *easiliy* lift from the parchment.  They’ll stand up on, or out of, or into, the sides of the frosted cake.

If you make a batch of white cakepops you can use these as ‘snowballs’ on or around the cake.

The Cinderella Dream Cake

For bride who loves fairy tales, the Cinderella dream, all types of cake, weddings and all things magical, this cake sure was fun to make.  In another example of attempting to “feel all the feels” a bride describes, I sought to capture her dreams in order to make this Cinderella Dream fairy tale wedding cake.

This is yet another entry that’s not a current design but is an entry in the journal of my cake making journey – in this case, it’s a page from October 2009.




auction 2017 wreath cake

I made this cake for an entry into the annual Christmas in October dessert auction held at our church.  The donations and proceeds of the auction are divided among several of the missionaries/missionary families supported by the church — these gifts are above the regular monthly support they receive.  These are gifts for them to use at their discretion however they want/need at Christmastime.

Additionally, more than a fund raiser, I think its just a fun way to spend the evening — in that sense, it’s a fun raiser! — a way to get together as a body to share in blessing one another for the purpose of sending tangible loving support to missionaries.

A Good Time For Cake

When you think cake: well, most of the time, you think, Yum!  And then you think, a party! or a celebration! or a commemoration of something good — something big!

When new friends came over for dinner last night, I was sure glad I’d made a cake.  I made it bcz it’s my husband’s favourite cake and so, I wanted to serve it for dessert as a blessing to him (and to share with the new friends, of course).  Well, I now have a new reason to be ready with cake!

We’d been talking in our living room, sharing pictures of our family and stories of days gone by.  They saw a picture of us that caught their eye… it was a picture on the railroad track where there’s a 37.4 mile marker post in the foreground.  We commented that we were married that long in the picture.  Our friend said, that’s us today! Thirty seven years!
What?!?  Today? Today’s your anniversary?? Yes, they said.  Well, how ’bout that! When my husband invited the friend, and he accepted the invitation to come over, he didn’t mention it was a special occasion for them.  But from that moment and for the rest of the evening, we made it a celebration here!  It reminded me that a party without cake is just a meeting!   How thankful I am this morning… looking back on last evening’s special time.  And, I’m so glad I’d made cake!  It was a good time for cake! 🙂 ♥