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Adobe Rose Dream Cake

I was so honoured to be asked to make our nephew’s wedding cake!
I loved the week in southern california leading up to the wedding… all the family gatherings and all the wedding preparations going on while I was baking the cakes, filling and frosting, and making all the flowers I placed on the finished cake.

My sister-in-law blessed me so much as she had gathered equipment from friends for me to use in the cake preparation! I had brought many supplies and tools with me so that I could make the cakes, etc., –especially all the gumpaste roses, peonies and leaves for the cake.
My sister-in-law has a dream kitchen, by the way, and made especially more so with all the sunshine and family gathered there for the big event!

The wedding was held at the beautiful El Adobe de Capistrano  in San Juan Capistrano.
What a terrifically beautiful wedding venue it is — and the dinner was absolutely delicious!
The evening was thoroughly California dreamin’ to me!!
Thus, the reason I call this cake, the Adobe Rose Dream Cake.

Home again… I opened my suitcases…
TSA love notes…. happens every time. 🙂