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About me and A Bella Cake

I’m delighted to share this site and my passion for cooking & baking with you.  I’m especially thankful for the opportunity to share my journey with you… my journey to bake the perfect cake!

My journey first actually begins with the Lord Jesus – my Saviour  and my Lord… without Whom I would be and could do nothing.  Thankfully,  my journey continues with my husband – my dearest friend and love… and my journey continues with my children — each of whom I adore more with each passing day — my journey continues day after day to love and serve them here in our home.

For forty years I’ve been cooking and baking in our home for our family and friends and along the way I’ve loved making dozens and dozens of birthday and special occasion cakes and have also had the great honour and privilege of making lots of wedding and celebration cakes, too.  To me, it’s an extremely humbling thing to be entrusted to make the cake for such important and special occasions.

So, that’s where this journey really began — a love for delighting people I love with delicious foods — and all along the way I’ve had a desire to learn and to practice making beautiful cakes — thus, the name of this site: A Bella Cake.

I’ve gathered lots of different ideas and some experience and am so blessed to have a husband who loves & cares for me and has blessed me with equipment, supplies and books — beautiful cookbooks – and a library card ~wink~!  I’m going to tell you something really funny, though, and it is this:  my husband and family don’t really like cake all that much — isn’t that funny?!?!?  But they like many different things I make and so, they bless me by at least trying them all.

So, this work is for them — this site is dedicated to them… and, hopefully, it will be a blessing to them and to you…

Thank you for joining my on my journey to bake the perfect cake.  May God bless you …

If you have questions or  ideas for me, suggestions,
requests for cake for your special occasion,
please write to me:



And… about the photo…
I have a print of this Norman Rockwell painting on my kitchen wall.  The print belonged to my Daddy, who was in the restaurant business.  As well as being an excellent chef and foodie, he was quite an entertaining man!  He made the most delicious meals — sauces, salsas, and dressings, often sharing with me recipes, food-thoughts and creations.  He always talked of one day writing a book — and perhaps that’s one of the reasons I have such a strong desire to write through the years.  He also often talked of going on a diet — and generally it was said while holding a cookbook or something delicious to eat in his hand.  I will never stop loving or missing him… gone too soon.


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