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chocolate buttercreamWelcome to A Bella Cake!
This site is journal of my passion to learn to bake beautiful cakes.

A Bella Cake…
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chronicling my  journey
to bake & decorate

the perfect cake ♥

Thank you for your visit & interest
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I’m very thankful for all sorts of equipment, ingredients, recipes and experience gained from making a whole bunch of mistakes and being surprised by a few fabulous creations. I work on cakes in my kitchen for family and friends.

Cakes are a labour of love for me… I really want each one to be the very best it can be! 

Maybe that’s why it sincerely grieves me when a cake doesn’t measure up and there’s no time to make it any better than it is.  And then, there are those times when a cake just works — everything comes together so nicely!  I’m pleased and thankful when this happens because there are occasional cakes just don’t look as I imagined they would — and it’s so terribly disappointing — not just for me, but probably for the bride or the family or whatever.  Over the years, this lessens, for which I am very grateful!!

So, I press on in this journey to locate the best equipment, recipes, methods and techniques as I strive to bake and decorate the perfect cake.
Maybe it will be yours! ♥

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